Good Location can mean many things to many people. The important thing to remember is that location is the one thing that can not be changed. A seller can certainly improve the condition of a home and they can lower the price but ... a house is where it is and no where else until it is no more. Sounds a bit like a riddle or a proverb - yes?

Good Location

For families, a good location is usually dictated by school districts - which can mean many different things depending on the needs of the children in the household. A REALTOR should never try to guess on this point. To professionals a good location might mean proximity to work, the gym or vibrant urban centers. To retirees it might mean being close to those things that represent quality of life - restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment ... even hospitals and doctors.

For our sellers out there that may find themselves in a less-than-desirable location think about the things that you can do to mitigate your location issues. Sometimes it's as simple as installing a privacy fence or planting some tall arborvitae trees to creat a private space. Add shutters or blinds to windows that face busy streets or public areas. Creat a berm with thick landscaping that will cut down on sound and light. In exceptionally noisy areas you may want to consider adding insulation or even new windows to increase the peace and serenity of your home - this will add value, too!

In the end ... don't despair. There is a house for everyone so there is someone for your house, too. After all, you choose to live where you are and although you are unique, there is bound to someone with like you shopping for a new home. Not all buyers are looking for that peaceful little cottage in the burbs. Your vibrant and bustling neighborhood might be just what they're looking for. Just make sure that the two issues that you can control - price and condition - are spot on and let your REALTOR do the rest.