So, Location is still important and the only unchangeable aspect of a home. Condition can be improved but as long as any issues aren't structural, some potential buyers can over look less than desirable condition. 

The Right Price

Pricing a home appropriately is crucial in todays real estate market. I have always believed that no matter how hard you try to rpice a home competitively, it will eventually sell based on two simple factors; the amount a buyer is willing to pay and the amount a seller is willing to accept. That being said, if a home is priced too high then it may never be seen by the general public and linger on the market.

Pricing is so specific to each house that I won't get into too much detail here. Just remember that how much you paid for your home and how much you put into it are irrelevent when pricing for sale. Rely on the expertise of your REALTOR and you can't go wrong.